Thursday, October 15, 2015


Brigg Town Councillors who attended last night's meeting of the Property & Services Committee, in the Angel Suite Lounge, were given an update on our town centre Chrsitmas lights.
Pre-planning for the festive illuminations is progressing well with no areas of concern.
The lights are provided in the town centre by the authority.
There was wide-ranging discussion about Christmas trees outside business premises and also the length of time after December 25  the lights should stay switched on throughout the town centre.
Should they go off on January 6, as happens in many homes? Or should they be kept lit for weeks after that to brighten up the town and help attract visitors?
Deputy Town Mayor Coun Ann Eardley suggested that keeping the Christmas lights on longer in January "makes  us look like a continental tourist town."
Brigg Town Council is supportive of the Christmas trees for shops scheme. Administrative assistance will be given in sending out circulars to them on behalf of the Business Partnership, for whom Chris Darlington is the point of contact. 
Couns Eardley and Sharon Riggall have volunteered to help distribute the letters, to save on postage.
A decision on when the Christmas lights will be switched off in the New Year will be taken at a monthly meeting of Brigg Town Council.

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Unknown said...

they were putting them up in east park last night,I think these light's & those outside dunhams in bridge st should be left on till end of march,when bst starts.looks welcoming & not xmasy at all yet give a festive feel.