Tuesday, October 06, 2015


We very much enjoyed giving an illustrated talk recently - The History of the Lincolnshire Times Weekly Newspaper 1857-1985 (widely known locally as The Hull Times, as that was where it was pieced together and printed).
Our talk was delivered to the Scunthorpe Museum Society Local History Section and took up a couple of hours - with a short break for coffee in the middle.
We took along some old copies of the Lincolnshire Times and some black and white prints to pass around the audience. 
A sign of the times (or even Times) was the use of a memory stick plugged into a projector so we could deliver some of the memories on-screen.
The Lincolnshire Times had an office at 57 Wrawby Street, Brigg, from the early 1950s until closure in 1985.
Until the early 1950s it was based on the corner of Market Place and Cary Lane, but the building was knocked down as the council needed to widen the entrance for buses - long before pedestrianisation.
We gave a talk on this topic to Brigg Amateur Social Historians (BASH) some years ago and have re-worked it on a number of occasions  for various groups at differing locations.
People you meet always remember the old 'Ull Times with affection. It was a sad day when it closed.
We don't do as many talks as we once did, as many groups now meet during what for us is the (salaried) working day. But, from time to time, if it's an evening event, we may be persuaded to 'do the honours'.  Our e-mail is scoopfisher@aol.com

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