Sunday, October 11, 2015


On several occasions recently we've upset other drivers in Brigg by stopping and giving way to queuing cars on the A18. No amount of horn sounding and  even a spot of fist-waving will get us to change our policy. 
If the traffic is heavy and we see a queue of traffic waiting in a side-street we look to do a spot of unofficial traffic control by letting a few of them out onto the main road.
Given the huge volume of traffic, it's not easy for drivers trying to turn into, or emerge from, Tesco/Riverside Surgery.
Nor at peak times is it easy to get out of Kiln Lane, Bridge Street (near the Yarborough Hunt), Mill Lane, Island Carr or the BP petrol station.
Do unto other drivers as you would have them do unto you. Meaning - give way if it's safe to do so. That's our belief.
What we encounter in Brigg is the exact opposite to what we find in Scunthorpe, where courteous drivers regularly let fellow motorists out of the Queensway Industrial Estate, on Brigg Road. We've done so dozens of times and have seen many other drivers do likewise, without hearing any horn-blowing.