Thursday, June 25, 2015


Hands up who knows where to find Lindum Crescent, Brigg. Come on, be honest!
Congratulations if you answered "A small development off Colton Street."
A planning application has  been submitted for St Gerrards, on Lindum Crescent.
Permission is being sought to erect a single-storey rear extension, a two-storey side extenson and a single-storey link extension between house and outbuilding
In the town centre, advertisment consent to display one retrospective fascia sign at  3A Queen Street is being requested by NFU Mutual.
North Lincolnshire Council will rule on both applications, while Brigg Town Council will be consulted.
And here's another question for Brigg Grammar School old boys of the 1960s and 1970s: Which master was renowned for his lunch-time rallying call: "Colton Street diners!"
Here's a clue: He lived nearby in Redcombe Lane at the time. 
We expect you all to get the right answer or you will be put in Wednesday afternoon detention!