Thursday, June 04, 2015


A sizeable but narrow stretch of Brigg land between the edge of the Lidl store car park and the newly-constructed walk and cycle way has been left untouched. It already contains a good selection of wild flowers (and weeds) and is proving popular with butterflies and insects of various species.
Many keen gardeners among Brigg Blog followers may feel this to be a shade unsightly, but is there anything wrong with giving nature a helping hand, from time to time? 
We hope this wild oasis, within a stone's throw of the Old River Ancholme, will be left well alone.
Today there's a team of workmen from North Lincolnshire Council putting plants in beside the Monument, alongside the A18. When they flower it will add a real dash of colour, and contrast well with the war memorial.
Brigg Town Council funds a good deal of planting in the town, under an agreement with the unitary authority, which undertakes the necessary work. And they make a good job of it, year after year.
It should prove a bumper market day for Brigg businesses today. The town centre was  busy by 9am. The lovely warm weather always helps to draw visitors out of their homes and into town for a look round the stalls, a bite to eat and/or a drink in one of our many outlets.
We heard a TV weatherman recently make reference to meteorologists' summer starting at the beginning of June. For meteorologists and climatologists, it's apparently "easier" to observe climatological data and statistics by breaking down the seasons into 90-day periods. 
Most of us were taught at school that the summer solstice (June 21) marks the begging of the warmest season of the year and that it continues until the autumnal equinox on September 21. Therefore, spring started on March 21 and still has three weeks to run, in our book. 
So today we are enjoying a lovely late spring day. End of story?

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Ken Harrison said...

Yep...there is a difference between Meteorlogical and Astrological seasons.....but it doesn't always stop Ireland, spring starts on 1st February..and some countries have 6 'seasons'..