Saturday, February 21, 2015


A 3Bs session in the Angel Suite Lounge when the youth project was in full swing.

Over the past few days we have posted six stories showing how Brigg Town Council has distributed the surplus equipment left after the conclusion of the 3Bs youth project.
The final list was presented to councillors on the Property & Services Committee during a recent meeting at the Angel Suite, which Brigg Blog attended. 
Equipment went to  various "youth orientated" groups in Brigg, Barnetby and Broughton who we are sure will make good use of it.
Coun James Truepenny commented: "It's a fair distribution."
Coun Jenny Bell stressed that Broughton and Barnetby had benefited from the share out, as well as groups in Brigg.

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Ken Harrison said...

So no-one foresaw the incongruence of allocating a very generous quota of surplus equipment to the Air Cadets....
and nothing to the Army Cadets?
Both cadet units operate from the same headquarters: share the same facilities and attract teenagers from Brigg and district.
Perhaps it is a truism that the ATC attracts the limelight for a wide range of reasons, while the ACF unit fails to achieve the local recognition that it deserves.
In a fair society, some groups are readily identified, but there remains the need to delve a little deeper to expose the less dominant, but equally deserving sub-communities.