Thursday, February 12, 2015


Brigg Town Council can claim a record for the quickest ever council site visit.
These usually see councillors on bodies like the North Lincolnshire unitary authority journeying miles to view a controversial development site before convening in the council chamber in Scunthorpe to make a decision.
However, when Brigg Town Council's Property & Services Committee considered "the apparent 'movement' within an area of plaster" in their section of the Angel building, the 'look-see' visit was somewhat different.
Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard led councillors a few yards from the lounge, where the meeting was being held, into the bar next door, when they looked at the crack in the wall, under a window.
The site visit took just a couple of minutes and didn't cost a penny in travelling costs.
The Town Clerk is seeking expert advice and will report back to councillors in the near future.

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Ken Harrison said...

That was a cracking good time, Nige.