Sunday, September 14, 2014


We spotted this unusual woolly creation in Brigg, adorning a metal post. What's it supposed to be? And why has someone gone to the trouble of arranging it so carefully by the roadside? 
It's in a quite well-known location, but has anyone else spotted it? 
Brigg Blog will let a few days go by and then tell you the spot where we took the picture.

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Ken Harrison said...

.....Unless there is a twin, i spotted the wooly-wallie casually folded between the 'Go Right' sign pole and the wall almost opposite the entrance/exit of the Angel car-park about 2pm on Sat....It seems to have headed off up Wrawby Road some time later..
Talking about clothing....there was also a lad's decent school-shoe perched on a high wall roughly opposite the vet's on Barnard Ave - also Sat afternoon.
A couple of years ago, I photographed 2 x bras neatly hanging over the back of a public bench near Tin-Tabs.... It was an early, chilly ?February morning..crocuses were in flower ...a passing lady walking a dog suggested that the cups were of a large size. How they got there still remains a mystery...