Sunday, September 14, 2014


We nipped down to Brigg Recreation Ground this morning and it was so busy that the sizeable car park was full of cars and vans, with two well-supported football matches in full swing. Not a single space was vacant. This was heartening to see. 
One of the football games - a junior encounter - was being played on what used to be the No 2 grass hockey pitch. (No 1 was bigger and alongside Wrawby Road - opposite the cemetery).
There used to be a third, narrow hockey pitch - squeezed in between the cricket square and the back of the gardens belonging to the large houses on Wrawby Road.
In the 1960s this was where Glebe Road School played house football matches between Cary, Elwes, Sutton and Pelham.  Many of us had our first taste of competitive football on that hallowed turf. 
Matches against other schools were played on the main football pitches, one of which was in use this morning (nearest to Brigg Town FC's Hawthorns HQ). 
Things are going to change, of course, once the "New Rec" is created. 

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