Sunday, September 28, 2014


The boundary between Brigg and Broughton - the New River Ancholme - with the Water's Edge housing estate within the neighbouring parish.
Discussions about the boundaries of Brigg - and whether they might one day be extended - continue to occupy our Town Council.
For the benefit of those Blog followers who have not been following this long-running issue, here's a brief recap...
Brigg Town Council surveyed people living on the Water's Edge Housing Estate (who live in Broughton parish) and the majority of those who responded declared a preference to live in Brigg. Our Town Council is now asking North Lincolnshire Council, which oversees electoral matters, to move things on to the next stage. The unitary authority has replied without indicating that it is mindful to carry out a review.
Brigg Town Council, however, seems in no mood to let things drop.
Town Mayor Coun Edward Arnott told the September meeting that he still thought they should pursue things. And it was agreed to seek clarification/opinion from the National Association of Local Councils.
Coun Mike Campion stressed people had expressed an opinion through the survey and Brigg Town Council could not ignore the views of these Water's Edge residents. 
Some people living in Western Avenue, Brigg, are actually within the parish of Wrawby.
Their opinions have also been sought (by Brigg) on whether they prefer to be part of our town, with support being expressed for a switch. However, Coun Carl Sherwood said a survey carried out from Wrawby had produced a different result. The question put to residents had  not the same in the two surveys, he suggested.
Clearly, any change of boundary will impact on Broughton Town Council and Wrawby Parish Council, as well as North Lincolnshire Council. So there is much more to come on this issue during 2014... and quite possibly next year, too.