Friday, September 26, 2014


Brigg folk passing the town's main Old Courts Road car park the other night have been surprised to see two very large car transporters (fully loaded) and two more empty ones, all positioned near the back of the police station. There was also a high-sided lorry parked up some yards away.
We can't say whether they might have wished to use the former Lidl car park, had it not  been cordoned off. But this demonstrated there's no height barrier in place at the entrance to the Old Courts Road car park. You'd couldn't have one near the main A18 traffic lights as delivery lorries need to get through to Wilko's, the Servicemen's Club and the rear of premises on Wrawby Street.
However, is it worth the authorities considering a height barrier at the intersection between Old Courts Road and the entrance to the car park? 
Or perhaps there's a deal in place, or being considered, for overnight lorry parking.
This could bring in some money for the council and as long as the lorries did not arrive until early evening and departed before 8am would not occupy spaces needed by shoppers in cars.
Just a thought....

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Peter Altoft said...

lidel had 1 but got damaged prob the same would happen if u did the same