Wednesday, September 10, 2014


North Lincolnshire Council is continuing to run reminiscence sessions across North Lincolnshire for adults after the success of the pilot scheme. Brigg is included.

The reminiscence sessions are run in partnership with the council’s North Lincolnshire Museum Service and Universal Prevention team for adults, as well as FreshStart.

At the reminiscence sessions objects are used for older people and particularly people with dementia to spark past memories. Older memories can be retained after the point when the capacity to make new memories is lost.

The sessions will be delivered in Community Wellbeing Hubs as well as community venues such as at the Museum, libraries and children’s centres.

Sessions are also being delivered to Alzheimer’s Society memory cafes in Scunthorpe, Brigg, Barton and Epworth.

This continued partnership is a result of the success of the pilot reminiscence project in which 100 hundred sessions were delivered to 830 people between October 2013 and April 2014 across North Lincolnshire.

At the end of the project it was evaluated and the results were very positive. The benefits of the sessions were that they encouraged people to communicate with eachother, laughing together and sharing memories.

There were many positive responses from people who attended the sessions with 98 per cent saying they really enjoyed the session and 99 per cent saying they would like to attend future sessions. This is why additional sessions have been funded by the council’s Prevention Services.

When evaluating the project comments were received from people who had taken part. A care home member of staff said, “They all laughed and remembered old times.”

North Lincolnshire Museum Service has over 20 themed reminiscence boxes with topics such as toys, seaside and afternoon tea. The boxes include real objects suitable for handling to spark memories and conversation. Objects such as a brownie camera, Be-Ro book and vinyl records can be found in the boxes.

Some sessions have already been organised with more still to come. The sessions that have been set-up include:

  • Monday 15 September, Monday 13 October and Monday 10 November from 2pm to 3pm at North Lincolnshire Museum.
  • Monday 22 September, Monday 27 October, Monday 24 November and Monday 22 December from 2pm to 3pm at Scunthorpe Community Well-being Hub, Alvingham Road.
  • Tuesday 21 October, Tuesday 18 November and Tuesday 16 December from 11am to 2pm at Brigg Community Well-being Hub, Horstead Avenue.
  • Friday 14 November and Friday 12 December from 10am to 11am at Epworth Community Well-being Hub, High Street. 

Keep an eye out for further sessions at different locations.
Coun John Briggs, cabinet member for asset management, culture and housing, said:

“We ran the reminiscence sessions pilot scheme to see if many people in North Lincolnshire would get involved. The sessions turned out to be extremely popular. We have received some very positive feedback from people that took part and they wanted the sessions to continue. They are a great way for people to socialise and remember fond memories of their past that they may have forgotten about. Speaking with other people and looking at different objects can often jog people’s memories.

“Go along to the sessions and delve into your past and discuss what life was like in North Lincolnshire years ago. Share you stories with other people and have an enjoyable time.”

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