Friday, April 29, 2011


We know the powers-that-be follow Brigg Blog and that, from time to time, things we point out get flagged for action within North Lincolnshire Council.
So here goes...again.
The lights are out on one side of the pelican crossing, close to The Vines and Horse Fair Paddock. They've been out some time, but fortunately everything is OK with the pair on the other side of the A18.
Many, many council staff drive along this stretch of road (from Hewson House), Monday to Friday.
But we said the same about the lights outside the Dying Gladiator, in Bigby Street, only a few weeks ago (passed by officers visiting North Lincolnshire Council's Angel offices). And we believe it was our posting that kick-started some action.
We aren't looking for any reward or looking to score points at the expense of the council. Brigg Blog is happy to keep pointing out these things. But perhaps a round-robin email within North Lincolnshire Council might stress the value of the hundreds of pairs of eyes and ears belonging to staff members and politely request that anyone observing things amiss (eg lights) should feel a duty to let the right people know. Not pass by on the other side.
How about more of us try to play the role of The Good Samaritan and give the council a helping hand?

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