Thursday, January 13, 2011


For the past three days there's been a big hole in the tarmac close to the junction of St Helen's Road and Yarborough Road. Traffic lights have been installed, as the resulting roadworks are on a blind corner. Fair enough. But whose hole is it, if you'll pardon the phrase? I've driven past half-a-dozen times, in both directions, early morning and after tea, without seeing any signs to explain whether it's water, electricity, gas, telephone, council bosses (or someone else), whose ordered in the workers. Or what they are seeking to repair.
Only a couple of years ago, much the same thing happened only a few yards away, further along Yarborough Road. Essential work, no doubt. But if someone needed to get in touch with the folk behind it, how would they know who to ring?
John Major was an often-maligned Prime Minister, and there were many cheap jibes about his so-called Cones Hotline, under which members of the public could complain about lengthy roadworks. The idea was dropped, but it seems to me that he was on the right track. At that time, if I remember correctly, you had to put up signs indicating the firm carrying out the work. Which meant you could ring if you wanted information about how long it was going to take or wanted to moan.
The current repairs are no big deal but it would be appreciated by those drivers who use St Helen's Road regularly if we had some idea who's working and how long it's all going to take.


Unknown said...

It must be Anglian Water Nigel. There's been a river running down the side of the road since Christmas.

Phil Walters

Ken Harrison said...

Physically Scribs a hole is a void.
A void is a feature in which something is missing. A hole is a void in something, and which is surrounded by something.
In Latin, a hole maybe defined as a cavus - but that doesn't really help in solving the dilemma of how can someone own nothing of something?
I'm confused...particularly when a hole becomes bigger more something is removed from nothing!!!

Ken Harrison said...

The Cone Phone Hotline, whatever it is, still exists, Nige.......the phone number, sometimes seen along motorways, is now the phone number of the Highways Agency.


Ah, Ken, but what happened to the imposition of penalties?

Ken Harrison said...

Re Cone Zone Moan Phone:
.......I don't know, Nidge....stop bringing in new aspects....there was no reference to 'penalties in your original I propose that your posting is invalid!