Friday, January 14, 2011


The cost of damage outside and inside Brigg’s Angel Suite community venue - caused by severe sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow last month - is still being totted up.
A full report was given to town councillors attending January’s meeting of the Property and Services Committee. After radiators burst, water leaked across the floor of the main room in the Suite (the former pub ballroom) and dripped down to the lower floor, which houses a meeting room and administrative offices.
An emergency plumber was summoned, while staff were soon on the scene to assess the situation and take action. A dehumidifier was brought in to help the drying process and the plumber’s isolation of the damaged radiators allowed heating to be restored within the building.
Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard said many gallons of water had been pumped out of the downstairs corridor alone, although the glued-down carpet had not lifted from the floor. Water had been running down the walls, but “the swift response” had helped. Fortunately, office computers were not damaged.
Mrs Woollard said the council’s insurers had been informed. Committee chairman Coun John Kitwood, who went down to view the mopping up, said he had been impressed by the response and extended his “vote of thanks.”
Meanwhile, metal guttering outside the Angel Suite suffered damage during the worst of the snow and will need the attentions of a contractor on North Lincolnshire Council’s official list.

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