Saturday, January 01, 2011


Humberside Police's very wise warning to people not to drive the morning after consuming New Year's Eve drinks hopefully sunk in with many Brigg motorists. Showing due restraint, Brigg Blog only celebrated with four 440ml cans of weak Stones bitter (3.8 per cent) but did refill the wee whisky glass several times with a very decent single malt.
Probably insufficient to turn the crystals anything but green. However, taking no chances - and the weather being mild - we set off on foot this morning to walk to Dave Dent's Nisa Local shop, in Queen Street, for the New Year's Day papers.
Police have made it clear that women can be a "morning after" problem when it comes to being over the drink-drive limit, as their physical make-up means they don't process alcohol as rapidly as the menfolk.
If in doubt, don't get behind the wheel. Or, after being pulled over by the Drinks Bill, you could have to pay with your licence.

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Ken Harrison said...

.....did you say you have some single malt, Scribs?
I'll make some sarnies and get some crisps and I'll pop round.

During the years, Nige, I've been pulled over twice during the festive season - I hadn't been drinking, it was just the bobbies randomly checking drivers.
After the test, they give you the disposable platic tube as a momento - I assume if they don't offer you the tube, one's nicked and will be carted off to meet the desk sergeant.

A sobering thought is that if alcohol was invested today, it would be immediately banned as an illegal substance.
It's much more potent than many of the street drugs bartered for in dark and seedy corners.
The social formailties of going to the pub can disguise the fact that alcohol abuse can blow your brains out quicker than a bit (I am assuming) skunk!!