Monday, January 24, 2011


Speaking to a couple of out-of-town visitors to Brigg the other Sunday morning - both pensioners - they were very impressed to find the Cary Lane toilets open for business, so to speak. A pleasant surprise. To some visitors to Brigg, this must be an obvious relief. I explained Brigg Town Council paid for them to be opened specially on Sundays and bank holidays, even though they are owned and operated by the bigger North Lincolnshire Council authority.
If Brigg wants to encourage day-trippers, tourists and shoppers to come here, this is something that's a basic human need.

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Ken Harrison said...

This is a wee problem - not rocket science, Scribs.
I bet the loos in Scunny are open on a Sunday......and I don't see why Brigg TC has to pay extra cash to for the Sunday flush!

Obviously, Tesco is available between 10 and 4pm....but maybe not too convenient if one's a bit wobbly on the old pins and when time/distance is running out!!