Friday, January 14, 2011


The repair work at the junction of St Helen's Road and Yarborough Road has been completed and the traffic lights removed.


Ken Harrison said...

Re me previous postings, Nige....
so whatever the nothing was, it has be eradicated by something leaving no trace of nothing being something.

I'm still very confused, Scribs!!

Am I making something out of nothing?

Have you told us the whole story?


1) Since the rough weather, water had been leaking from under the road - a steady trickle, not a deluge, running into a roadside manhole cover.
2) Team arrived on site, hole dug, one side of road shut to cars, traffic lights installed. Workmen got busy.
3) No signs to indicte the company concerned (MY POINT OF CONTENTION).
4) Three days later... Job done, road surface restored, traffic lights removed.

Reporters must seek to answer the 5 Ws - Who, What, Why, Where, When - in each story.

In this case we know When and Where. But the absence of signs makes Who was involved and Why a matter of conjecture.

If cones had been employed on site the public would have been told least during John Major's tenure at No 10.

Unknown said...

There's another leak at the top of St James Rd. It HAS been reported.

Ken Harrison said...

Nige - why do we need informative cones?
We can rely on you to keep us informed in minute detail!!!

Indeed, we could have Universial Cones annotated with 'See Brigg Blog'.

You could plant one of these cones at a site, Scribs, as a cross-reference to your specific comment in BB.

Natural nosiness will drive folks crazy after finding one of 'Scribs Universial Cone' in Wrawby St.

It'll rapidly increase BB's readership.

But I'm not certain about what would happen if you comment on an individual.
Would, for example, the Mayor of Brigg, Ben Nobbs have to wear a cone on his head everytime he got a mention in BB?
I don't think the town clerk, Jeanette Woollard would wear it!!

Ken Harrison said...

.....just as an after-thought, measure of you becoming famous is when one sees 'As seen in Brigg Blog' appear in adverts and shop windows.

I'm sure it will happen one day soon, Nige.

Ken Harrison said...

.....yet another ps.....

So you mention the 5 W's....but where is the 'H', Scribs?

HOW..did it happen?