Thursday, December 24, 2009


Best of luck to Brigg pubs, and clubs, for a bumper Christmas Eve - given that the state of the economy (no political blame apportioned) means they are hardly likely to see out-and-out spend, spend, spend by most customers.
There was a time when I'd have looked forward to sinking a few beers in town centre hostelries in the run up to the big day, but all that stopped when the Scunthorpe Telegraph switched to producing a Boxing Day edition and 'yours truly' offered to do the solitary Christmas Day editing shift, in return for time off either side of the New Year.
However, I'm sure younger members of the family will be out and about tonight.
In these troubled times - no Brockleby Ox, no Gladiator, pictured - licensees have to use every possible method to draw in the punters.
A-boards prove effective (eg Phil's outside the Britannia), but the Jolly Miller at Wrawby - popular with many Brigg people, especially in the summer - has posted details of the Christmas Festivities on its Facebook social networking site, which generated an email to inform me, and other possible patrons, what's happening.
The Holiday Party opens tonight - karaoke from 8pm until midnight with Alison. "Welcome in Christmas Day with a singalong," they suggest.
The full line-up of festivities is then explained on the pub's Facebook site, together with declarations from 'members' who will be attending and who might be popping along.
What would some of Brigg's legendary licensees of the past make of all that? I couldn't really see Tom Merriman or Jean Cunningham going to those lengths to get us through their doors.

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