Friday, December 04, 2009


Brigg Town Cricket Club is to be invited to re-apply for a grant from the Town Council. The club - based at the Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road - submitted a specific request for help in replacing a diesel roller, which councillors seemed happy to support. However, the club has not subsequently needed to purchase such a major item of equipment, leaving town councillors on a bit of a sticky wicket when it came to releasing a grant.
For the receipts submitted by the club covered other items of necessary expenditure but not a new roller. When the matter came up for consideration by the policy committee, Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny stressed he would "like to help them out" but felt that was impossible because of the specific nature of what the club had applied for in its letter to the council. Coun Jenny Bell agreed, saying she was also "very sorry."
The council's maximum grant available to groups in the town is £250. Those wishing to apply should do so in writing to Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard at the Town Council Office, Angel Suite, Exchange Place, Brigg. A current balance sheet must accompany all applications.


Ken Harrison said...

I once had a girlfriend. She said she was employed as a diesel fitter at a local firm.
The following weekend, I saw her in a dress shop talking to someone and holding up a selection of skirts, ''dese i'll fit 'er.'

I never did find out which garage she worked at!

Ken Harrison said...

Tongue in cheek:
Well... an anagram of James Truepenny is 'Mean Puny Jester'.

(no offence intended)

Ken Harrison said...

As at 9.30am, 5/12 the counter reading is 20676.

Either the counter's wonky, or this blog is extremely why don't folks leave comments?