Tuesday, December 22, 2009


How many passengers do you think use Brigg railway station?
Official figures from the Office of Rail Regulation – available on the internet – show 665 “entries and exits” by passengers in 2007/8, which works out at about 13 a week. Or, to put things into true perspective, 13 a day (as our rail link only receives trains on a Saturday). Brigg gets six trains – three in each direction between Sheffield and Cleethorpes – so that’s an average of just over two per train. If you want to see the figures for Brigg, and all other stations in the UK, follow this link STATION USE

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Ken Harrison said...

There's lies, damn lies and then there's Brigg station's statistics.

Now there's a thought....tansport all those NLC workers who live in Sunny Scunny by train.......Brigg's parking and traffic problems solved at a stroke.