Thursday, December 10, 2009


There are a couple of stores (at least) in Brigg where 'unaccompanied' teenagers are not allowed in, or where admission is controlled to a few kids at a time...'one in, one out'.
It's a pity things have got to this stage and that the actions of a few 'bad apples' have resulted in the vast majority of law-abiding youngsters being inconvenienced.
Do you remember during the early 1980s when the manageress of Woolworth's, in Wrawby Street, banned anyone wearing a certain school uniform from the premises?
The story made the front page of the Lincolnshire Times - our office was almost directly opposite in Wrawby Street - and was then taken up with enthusiasm by some of the national newspapers, along the lines of Entire School Banned.


Ken Harrison said...

I had the same problem at school, Nige. 3B were allowed into the classroom in relays - one in, one out.
Miss Cantlebury said that we had to learn the alphabet by lunchtime....I was 'P', Buster Bates was 'W'and Kevin the Nark was 'D'.

gmsmith said...

You was probably one of the prefects Nigel who had the most powerful position in Brigg Gammar School's hierachy .

The 'Tuck Shop Bouncer ' !

Prefects in pairs would police break time visits to the Tuck shop outside the school on Grammar School Road . Allowing no more than five pupils in the shop at any given time thus eliminating problems within the shop but creating mayhem in the queue outside as the tiny first formers battled to hold their ground in the queue against the might of the fifth form smoking brigade who were desperate for their packet of 20 Woodbines and a box of Swanvestas to smoke behind the artroom buildings. ( which incidently now are a hideous looking carpark. )

Ken Harrison said... it was Fisher Flashman, eh!!