Saturday, December 19, 2009


The obituary page is my favourite in the quality national newspapers, so it was with great interest some weeks ago that I read of the dead of Eric Kemp (94), Bishop of Chichester, and a former pupil of Brigg Grammar. He was the longest-serving English Bishop of modern times and a very, very senior figure in the Church of England.
It didn't take long for me to tip off the Scunthorpe Telegraph with the suggestion here was a famous man worthy of a story, and it was also of interest to readers in North East Lincolnshire, as he hailed from the Grimsby area.
Together with David Yelland (ex-editor of national newspaper The Sun), Bishop Kemp is one of Brigg Grammar's most famous and high profile old boys.
They have done him proud on the Briggensians' website. Follow this link then look in the News section BISHOP KEMP

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Ken Harrison said...

....another bishop..I was listening to a serman from a bishop in and around South Yorkshire some years ago. He was explaining why the spire on Chesterfield cathedral was warped.
He indicated that the spire was ok until just before WW2...he said that the green, unseasoned timber theory was untrue.
Apparently, the warping happened very quickly, one day in July, 1938. The weather cock on the spire was basking in the sun, looking over the surrounding landscape. A faint,but increasing rumble was heard approaching the city from the north. The weather cock strained to see what it could be. A streak of smoke and a thunderous roar streaked passed ...and was gone.
'The weather cock spun round violently, exclaiming, 'What the f... was that???' the spire twisted into its present state under the tension...and 'Mallard' sped down the line towards London.