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The council, in partnership with Dogs Trust, is offering free dog micro-chipping, basic health checks and free information packs at events across North Lincolnshire. From 6 April 2016 it became compulsory for all dogs to be micro-chipped.
The next free dog micro-chipping sessions will take place from 11am to 3pm on:
3 May in Church Street car park, Epworth
21 June at Baysgarth Park, Barton
19 July in Old Courts Road car park, Brigg
30 August at Central Park, Scunthorpe
Getting your dog micro-chipped gives you the assurance that should your pet be stolen they are more likely to be returned to you safe and sound.
However, the best way to ensure your dog is returned to you, should it become lost or stray, is by collar and ID tag inscribed with your name and contact details.
An ID tag with your contact details on is already a legal requirement and is not affected by the requirement to have your dog micro-chipped. Anyone can read a dog tag and contact you directly, rather than having to call the council’s Dog Warden Service where a straying fine and kennelling fees would apply should it be seized as a stray dog.
Every dog owner in North Lincolnshire can benefit from the free service - saving around £20 to £30. Dogs Trust is donating the micro-chips and aim to micro-chip all dogs at each session.
All you need to do is turn up to one of the sessions; there is no need to book. A ticket system will be in place, so that everyone who has a ticket will get their dog micro-chipped. Be prepared to queue at the sessions and ensure that you are in control of your dog(s) at all times, including cleaning up after them.
Dogs should be at least eight weeks old when they get micro-chipped. All puppies (up to the age of six months old) should be fully vaccinated and must be carried. We reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccination.
Dogs brought to the sessions will also be given a free basic health check and owners will receive a copy of the Dogs Trust ‘It’s a Pup’s Life’ information pack and/or a ‘Woof, Waggle and Waistline’  pack, providing advice on how to look after puppies and staying healthy with your dog.
Coun Neil Poole, Cabinet Member for Environment at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “It is a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar and ID tag when in public, and to be micro-chipped. We are happy to be able to continue our partnership with Dogs Trust and offer free micro-chipping to people in North Lincolnshire.
“Each dog brought to one of our events will be chipped for free and receive a basic health check. Owners will also be given some great dog ownership information, courtesy of Dogs Trust.
“Don’t risk losing your four-legged friend; make sure your dog has an ID tag and is micro-chipped.”
Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director at Dogs Trust, comments: “For many years Dogs Trust has campaigned tirelessly to bring about the introduction of compulsory micro-chipping and registration. Therefore, we are very pleased to welcome the legislation, which will go a long way to improving dog welfare and responsible ownership.
“To ensure lost dogs have the best possible chance of being swiftly reunited with their owner, it is hugely important that owners ensure their dog always wears a collar and a tag displaying their contact details, and that they keep their microchip database details up to date."
North Lincolnshire Council’s Dog Warden service will enforce the micro-chipping regulations and any dog found not to have a microchip will result in the owner receiving a 21 day notice requiring them to have their dog chipped.

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