Thursday, May 07, 2015


Many Brigg electors will be voting at the Angel Suite  today.  Look on your polling card - sent by the council -to find out the polling station you should use.

Brigg electors will be going to the polls today with the opportunity to vote for three levels of government.

  • Brigg & Goole Parliamentary Constituency (one MP to be elected)
  • North Lincolnshire Council (three councillors to be elected for the Brigg & Wolds Ward)
  • Brigg Town Council (19 councillors to be elected). 

Remember: Voting hours are 7am to 10pm.
The result of the Parliamentary election will come first, but don't expect to hear who your local councillors are going to be until well into tomorrow.
Brigg Blog is strictly neutral and has no political affiliations. 
All we are going to say is we hope Brigg electors will take the trouble to vote and that there's a high turnout. 
You often hear people in the town, and elsewhere, complaining about what those who govern us have done or haven't done - nationally and locally.
Here's your chance to have a say through the ballot box - one (wom) man one vote!
Those who are bothering because their vote won't matter might like to reflect on the fact that some elections within North Lincolnshire, in recent years, have been extremely close, resulting in recounts, with the eventual winner squeezing home by a handful of votes.
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