Monday, May 18, 2015


Just a reminder that Brigg Town Council meets tonight in the Angel Suite (7.30pm start). This will be the annual meeting of the authority and a new Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor will be elected.
Members of the public are very welcome to attend and can ask questions during Public Question Time.
Here's the agenda we posted earlier.
Some newly-elected councillors will be taking their seats for the first time tonight.
We have highlighted the new representatives in capital letters below, together with the votes gained at the recent election, together with the political party if included on the official return from North Lincolnshire Council, the election authority.
The town council now comprises  these 19 councillors. 
1) Carl Sherwood 1,457 votes (elected) (Conservative)
2) Nigel Sherwood 1,348 votes (elected) (Conservative)
3) Rob Waltham 1,242 votes  (elected) (Conservative)
4) JANE GIBBONS 1,142 votes (elected) (Conservative)
5) LUKE SHERWOOD 1,047 votes (elected)  (Conservative)
6) Jane Kitching 953 votes (elected)  (Conservative)
7) BRIAN PARKER 924 votes (elected)  (Conservative)
8) SHARON RIGGALL 901 votes (elected)  (Conservative)
9) IAN WILSON 830 votes (elected)  (Conservative)
10) LOUISE MIKKONEN 822 votes (elected)
11) MICHAEL STOREY 813 votes (elected)  (Conservative)
12) James Truepenny 805 votes (elected) (Independent)
13) PAUL KEANE 783 votes (elected) (Conservative)
14) Penny Smith 712 votes (elected) (Independent)
15) Mike Campion 699 votes (elected) (Labour)
16) Donald Campbell 657 votes (elected) (Labour)
17) Ann Eardley 662 votes (elected)
18) Sheila Boughey 641 votes (elected) (Labour)
19) TINA CAMPBELL 641 votes (elected) (Labour)

Andrew Markham 632 votes 
Deb Dunderdale 600 votes (Independent)
Jenny Bell 590 votes 
Jackie Brock 533 votes 
Lesley Whitehand 530 votes (Independent) 
Ken Harrison 511 votes (Independent)
Edward Arnott 498 votes (Independent) 
Chris Dyson 491 votes (Independent) 
John Kitwood 463 votes 
Emma Lukianczuk 353 votes

Total votes rejected by the Returning Officer in the election 31.