Monday, May 18, 2015


We fear that a car which brought five visitors to Brigg yesterday while the car rally was getting under way, may have picked up a ticket for failing to pay and display in the Old Courts Road car park, to enjoy the two free hours concession.
We hope we're wrong as the last thing we want to do is discourage occasional visitors to the town centre.
The driver, we know, had not grasped it is necessary to pay and display for a short stay on Sunday.
Is there any chance North Lincolnshire Council could extend the free parking to all-day Sunday - no ticket required?
Early yesterday morning we saw a warden in the town centre, but you have to wonder whether the cost of "policing" the system on Sunday (overtime/premium rates?) outweighs the revenue collected. If you didn't need a ticket on Sunday there would be no need to "police" the parking.
On a personal note, we've successfully challenged a parking ticket imposed by North East Lincolnshire Council, in Grimsby.  Ours was something of a special case, we felt, and credit is due to the neighbouring authority for weighing up the facts and showing flexibility.
We pledge to share the cash "saving" with Brigg businesses!

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Unknown said...

even if he over stayed his 2hr free period he be safe as they don't work sundays