Wednesday, August 13, 2014


There are about 60 fewer car parking spaces available in Brigg town centre at present. 
This is since the concrete barricade (pictured above) went up to stop drivers using the former Lidl store car park. It's a temporary measure but one that is bound to impact on the town. 
Many of us made regular use of the free car parking available in the months following Lidl's move to new premises on Atherton Way, which left the old store standing idle - awaiting sale or lease by Tesco, which acquired the site.
This has been an unexpected bonus for Brigg - a large, unlimited stay car park. Meaning, we've never had it so good, in terms of available spaces. Until now...
The result  the temporary closure is having on Brigg  is there for all to see. The main Old Courts Road car park is noticeably fuller than it has been - even on days of the week when the town is not at its busiest. It's also much more difficult to get parked in the small, free car park near Spring's Parade.
The crunch comes on Thursdays and Saturdays (general market days). But there will be even more pressure for parking spaces  during the August farmers' market. 
Farmers' market Saturday, as we all know, is the busiest day of the month in terms of shoppers and visitors to the town centre.
The unavailability of the old Lidl store parking spaces also means the 20+ lorry drivers used to parking there overnight have had to go elsewhere, meaning less money going into the local economy, Tesco's tills included. 
It should be stressed that Tesco has every right to do what it wishes with its land. We hope that the lease or possibly sale of the former Lidl store is concluded in the near future and that the currently barricaded car park soon reopens, following improvements.
Meanwhile, drivers visiting Brigg town centre, who have been spoilt for choice in terms of available parking for many months, may now have to look a little harder for a vacant space.
Most will try the Old Courts Road car park instead (now offering free parking all Saturday - not just two hours). 
What we  hope is that no-one will be put off coming to enjoy visiting Brigg town centre.