Sunday, August 10, 2014


One of the best, and most popular, short-stay free parking areas in Brigg is along Bigby Road, in front of the Hewson House council offices and the old Post Office.
Sadly, drivers continue to park without much thought for others. If the bays are empty when you get there, please don't leave your vehicle in the centre, as this means no-one can park behind or in front. Thoughtless parking, in this way, reduces three spaces to only one.
We hope that when North Lincolnshire Council gets its next (and currently delayed) batch of Brigg traffic orders through the legal process, the authority will mark out parking bays with paint in Bigby Road, which will be a major improvement for very little outlay from the public purse.
We think the powers-that-be are aware of this suggestion and hope they will give it support when the time is right. 

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Ken Harrison said...

Marked parking bays in that area, rather than a generally marked parking zone was recommended by the Queen St Action Group when they were partitioning for Resident Parking permits about 10 years ago.
It was observed, for example, that with marked parking bays, 2 or 3 extra cars could be parked in Grammar School Road South.....and statistical observation in other nearby zones indicated similar prospects.
Without marked bay, there was no incentive for drivers to use the limited parking spaces efficiently and large gaps were left between vehicles.
This recommendation was not taken up by NLC - although the residents did achieve their permits.