Thursday, October 25, 2012


A new body called the Brigg 2020 Vision Group has come on the scene.
It is under the chairmanship of Andrew Percy, MP for Brigg and Goole, and includes North Lincolnshire and  Brigg town councillors.
The committee that drew up the community-led plan document (recently completed) has been dissolved, but a monitoring group is being planned to assist, when required, "with delivery of the plan."
News of any work undertaken will be fed back to Brigg Town Council's Policy Committee.


Ken Harrison said...

My understanding, Scribs, is that neither Chair, nor Vice-Chair has yet been appointed.
There is a meeting on Tuesday, 30th to elect folks to fulfil those positions.

Ken Harrison said...

My seems that we are referring to 2 separate groups...a Vision Group....and a Monitoring Group.
I need clarification about these.

Anonymous said...

Any future vision for Brigg must include its farce which is its rail services.

It is now coming upto 20 years after the line lost it's Monday to Friday service, this leave Brigg with the stupid Saturday Only train service from Sheffield Midland to Cleethorpes and vica verca.

Northern Rail's franchise is up in 2014 and the Department For Transport are to review the so called passenger service on this line.