Saturday, February 27, 2016


During a session of Brigg Town Council this week in the Angel Suite, Coun Mike Storey, who is chairman of the Planning & Environment Committee, used new technology to make his point to fellow councillors.
He had been out and taken a photograph of interest on his mobile phone and walked round the table, showing them an image on the screen. This help councillors grasp what was being disussed.
There was a new layout of tables for the February meeting of Brigg Town Council, which the press bench moved from its long-established position immediately to the side of the top table, alongside the Town Mayor, Deputy Town Mayor and Town Clerk.
We are now sitting behind the ranks of councillors, close to the public gallery.
The change brings the public a little nearer to the council during debates. 
The Town Council will see how it goes and obviously review things at some point.
We like to get to meetings early, and this will help ensure there's no confusion with members of the public occupying the press area!

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Ken Harrison said...

I did as instructed, Nige...I pressed the table with the notice, PRESS' on it, but it didn't ring
Now quite sure how far the councillor has moved with the times, but one can get a projector that throws a image onto a communal screen - so cutting down the need to circulate the table showing individual councillors an image...Perhaps BTC should invest in such a device for occasions when the whole group could benefit.....and/or displaying an agenda to allow both councillors, press and public follow the items for discussion....
it could go a little way to engender the notion of inclusion at BTC meetings...