Saturday, January 09, 2016


Comedy star Paddy McGuinness - catchphrase 'No likey, no lighty' is hosting another of his dating shows on TV tonight.
The contestants hope the gorgeous girls they have taken a shine to won't switch off the lights they are standing behind and so  put paid to them enjoying a  data after the show.
Driving along the A18 in Brigg this morning we were reminded of Paddy's catchphrase, as the lights on the pedestrian crossing near the China Garden takeaway were out of action yet again.
We think this is the fourth time in recent months that we've highlighted light failure.
On the last occasion, just a few weeks ago, we reported seeing an 80+ pensioner and a mum with four young children trying to cross the busy road without any way of stopping traffic.
We also suggested that the reasons behind the repeated light failure should be made known.
Why does it keep happening?
North Lincolnshire Council was pretty quick rectifying the fault last time, and we trust they will soon get things back to normal this weekend.

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Ken Harrison said...

Just a thought.....nothing to do with the extra load created by the Crimbo lights?