Sunday, January 03, 2016


Having spotted more cyclists riding through Brigg Market Place, we thought we’d take this picture on the County Bridge, where the pedestrian area begins.
Can the council/highway authority make it any clearer? Cyclists must dismount.
And that big red and white sign, according to Know Your Traffic Signs (from the Department for Transport), means: “No entry for vehicular traffic, including pedal cycles.”
As we’ve said so many times before, the number of drivers and riders abusing the pedestrian area will never decrease until someone in authority take steps to deal with the offenders. Hit them in the pocket. That’s the only way.


Ken Harrison said...

Being a Devil's advocate...I would ask which date this by-law was officially introduced by ?Humberside ....and the notice about cycling is it says nothing about cycling in Wrawby St...only the Market Place.
To introduce new by-laws costs thousands of pounds in legal fees/processes.....surely no-one is going to make the basic admin mistake of banning cycling only in the Market Place.
Someone in power now needs to get to grips with what legal processes ?Humberside went through to close the A18 along Wrawby/Bigby Streets..and what by-laws were passed relating to pedestrianization ....

Unknown said...

I've said this before it seems crazy that cyclists can't ride through market place yet cars and lorries can [they need access to ancholme court and to the flats behind hcbc amd deliveries to shops,you would also let scooters and roller skate's/bladers through too yet they can travel just as fast.a bit of common sense is needed here a simple 5 mile an hour speed limt would serfice.ken there's a simuler sign at opposite side at entrace of wrawby street near hair by peter.