Wednesday, October 20, 2010


DDM Agriculture has given notice of intention to fell cedar trees situated within a Conservation Area at The Cedars, Bigby Road, Brigg.
As part of the planning process, Brigg Town Council's planning and environment committee will consider the matter at its meeting on Monday (6.45pm) in the Angel Suite. Committee members have been recommended to undertake a site visit.
However, the final decision rests with North Lincolnshire planners.


Ken Harrison said...

Are they cedar trees at the Cedars - they're certainly fir trees.
There's lime trees outside the boundary on Bigby Road.
Wot's planned for the building?
Tree roots can obviously damage foundations.

It seems that Brigg, despite the recession, is over-due for peripherial retail/business exapansion - methinks.

Ken Harrison said...

We haven't heard from Scoop since Wednesday.
Rumour has it that he's so upset with demise of Brigg cricket that he's refusing to come out from under the quilt!
If required, I'm willing to take him a plate of hot-pot if this will cheer him up.
On the other hand, the rumours could be wrong.