Friday, October 29, 2010


Monument (war memorial) lettering: The final decision on the colour will be taken after councillors have inspected and compared two small sections completed by the stonemason, one in black and one in gold. It was his suggestion that this would ensure an informed decision on the colour of the lettering.

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Ken Harrison said...

Letters???? When I was in the mob, everything was done by numbers!!!

'By numbers, - 1!, By numbers, - 2!'...and for complicated moves, 'By numbers, - 3! We were good at counting.
Even on pay day, we had to call out our last 3 - '739, Sir!' and me £1.10 shillings was slipped across the desk by the C.O. - oops! -
perhaps we did some letters as well - 'AWOL', for example...not forgetting 'WAAF's' and 'NAAFI'