Monday, July 25, 2016


A major talking point in Brigg on Saturday night was the appearance of a white Lamborghini sports car.
The stylish, open-topped, Italian-made luxury motor was spotted in Cary Lane and later in Bridge Street, near the China Royal Restaurant and the Yarborough Hunt pub.
The warm weather was perfect for this style of motoring, which is not always the case in Brigg during July, when showers are often the order of the day.
The car was just driving off from outside Simon Ho's eatery when we spotted in from inside the Yarborough. Too late to dash outside and snatch a picture, unfortunately.
What does a new 'Lambo' set you back? Perhaps a shade outside our price range. 
We've just had a road fund tax refund cheque from the DVLC and that was worth more than our old Ford Ka fetched recently when it went for scrap!