Saturday, December 28, 2013


Like many communities across the UK, Brigg will be marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War during 2014.
A group of town councillors has been delegated to come up with ideas. And, like them, Brigg Blog has already turned its thoughts to the topic.
We think it would be good to have a parade through the town centre, similar to the one that's held annually on Remembrance Day. Somewhere in the archives there are pictures of brave troops from Brigg marching through the town centre on their way to the railway station to catch trains on the first leg of their journey to The Front. We can recall one notable image taken in Queen Street.
It might also be fitting to include some businesses still around today who were trading in 1914. Immediately we think of Wallhead's, Thomas Bell and Peacock and Binnington. We know they were all going strong a century ago. Maybe Dunham's and Barnard's were, too. That will have to be checked with the current owners.
Going from memory, we think the proclamation of war may have been read in Brigg a century ago. Perhaps in the Market Place or outside the then police station in Wrawby Street. Again there will need to be a check of the archives for confirmation.
An exhibition of family photographs showing Brigg during the First World War might also be staged in the Heritage Centre or the Angel Suite. These could be scanned and reprinted, with the owners' permission, as some people may be uneasy about loaning treasured images. 
We are sure Brigg Town Council will welcome suggestions from you, the people of Brigg. Please post a comment here if you have ideas you'd like considering during 2014 and we can pass on the information. Or contact the Town Clerk at her office in the Angel complex. Jeanette Woollard's email is

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Ken Harrison said...

Suggest peal of church bells at significamt dates in 2014....
28th June, 1914 - Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand ....initiating the various power alliances.
28th July, 1914 ...Official start of the Great War ....first shots fired..Germany invades Belgium.
4th August, 1914...UK declares war on Germany...