Friday, December 20, 2013


One of the lasting links with Brigg Urban District Council is earmarked to go on display in the newly extended Heritage Centre in the Angel building, near the Market Place.
Brigg Town Council is to have the old Brigg UDC Chain of Office cleaned and mounted for  presentation (on loan) to the centre.
Urban district councils came into being in the 1890s and disappeared in 1974 when local government was re-organised.
Brigg Urban District Council did not have a mayor, but its chairman wore a chain of office.
Our UDC managed the town's council housing and dealt with dustbin collection and street cleaning, but major services like education were provided by Lindsey County Council.
In 1974, Brigg Town Council came into being. But refuse collection, planning, council housing and other major services became the responsibility of newly-formed Glanford Borough Council - above which was Humberside County Council, responsible for highways and education.
Today we are back to a two-tier system, with North Lincolnshire Council - "a unitary authority" - and Brigg Town Council. The borough council -  based at what's now Hewson House, off Station Road -  disappeared in 1996 when further reorganisation of local government took place. 
Coun Rob Waltham, chairman of the heritage centre, described the UDC chain as being part of Brigg's history. 

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