Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Brigg Blog was sifting through a pile of old pictures of the town the other day and came across a bird's eye view from the 1960s (not our copyright so we haven't scanned it for you). It was taken somewhere over Hawthorn Avenue, looking over Brigg Grammar School towards the southern edge of Wrawby Street, near the Monument. What interested us was the row of assorted buildings fringing the school field (now call gone) - the groundsman's hut, the scout hut/storage building, the fine wooden cricket pavilion and the refectory. Sadly, without resorting to internet searches or any paper files in our possession, we can tell you the pavilion went up in 1929 and the refectory in 1894. We recall the latter being dismantled, brick by brick, presumably by Derek Empringham's company. Dekker definitely took down the last remaining farm buildings from the Recreation Ground because we well remember meeting him for a chat while the job was being done. Many of you reading this, who have lived in Brigg for some decades, will remember all, or most, of these buildings. 

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