Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Brigg would welcome drivers of commercial vehicles putting a bit more thought into parking.
Earlier today there was a white van parked on Bigby Road - two wheels on the verge, two on the A1084 - with hazard lights flashing.
Sadly, its position was such that it made it impossible for drivers trying to exit St Helen's Road to see what was coming from the direction of the level crossing.
Also this morning we observed a huge double-trailer truck, carrying foreign numberplates, parked up on Wrawby Road, just short of the junction with Glanford Road, stopping the free flow of traffic on one lane of the A18, near The Monument.
We think the driver could have been unsure of his location and had nipped off to seek directions.
We know that the vast majority of people who drive commercial vehicles - from shop runabouts to huge trucks - do observe the highway code and motoring laws of the land.
But you see many cases in Brigg which suggest some drivers believe the fact they are delivering to, or working at, a particular address gives them the right to park as near as possible to the entrance - regardless of obstructing the free flow of traffic...and even the free flow of pedestrians.
Now a few more thoughts on the long-running saga of vehicles entering Brigg's town centre pedestrian area.
The other night we saw a van call at commercial premises in Wrawby Street, observed the driver unlock the door and go in, then come out a moment later carrying a small document holdall (about A3 size).  He got in his van and drove off. 
Is that OK? Or do you think he should have been using the Old Courts Road car park and stretching his legs for 100 yards (round trip) to avoid bringing a vehicle into the centre of town.
This morning we watched a security guard take his special van into the town centre and emerge from a bank carrying what we took to be a metal cashbox.  Even I have to conceded that's perfectly acceptable - on the grounds of commonsense and crime prevention.
Afternoon update: Van Man on Barnard Avenue (busy A18) was parked slightly on the road but mainly on the footpath. With the back door open it did not leave much room for pedestrians to squeeze by.

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