Monday, February 27, 2012


It's heartening how many motorists on Bigby Road in Brigg waive through fellow drivers waiting to exit St Helen's Road. Traffic backs up quite often at this spot, generally because of queues on the A18 near The Monument. If it wasn't for the generosity of many road-users on the A1084, Brigg motorists could find themselves stuck in St Helen's Road for a long time, notably early morning/late afternoon/busy Saturdays.
We've put this question before to council highway chiefs: Would a mini-roundabout at the junction of Bigby Road and St Helen's Road provide a solution? 
This is an A-road, after all. Go to Scunthorpe or Ashby and minor roads there - even on housing estates - were given mini-roundabouts years ago. Good examples: Ashby High Street, Riddings estate, West Common Lane (leading to John Leggott College).
Clearly there's no bar on putting mini-roundabouts on A-roads in the Brigg area - there's one at Scawby Brook.
We're flattered that Coun Nigel Sherwood - Cabinet member for highways and neighbourhoods at North Lincolnshire Council - has picked up on some of the suggestions made by Brigg Blog since he came to power last year. Perhaps he'll also consider running this one past his traffic management team. 

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