Thursday, November 10, 2011


Someone wanted to come to Brigg on business recently – from London.
It was a bit perplexing for the traveller to find Brigg railway station on the national rail map but no trains running to this destination on a weekday.
The end result was letting the train take the strain to Doncaster, then Scunthorpe and to undertake the last leg by bus.
Some might say Brigg is lucky to have a railway station, when many other market towns lost theirs to Dr Beeching in the 1960s.
But three trains each way – only on Saturdays – is pushing the term “rail service” to its absolute limit.

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Ken Harrison said...

There's a number of Catch 22 situations here, Scribs...
For example, more trains will increase the 'inconvenience' of the level crossing at the start of Bigby High Rd.
On the other hand, the proposed Enterprise Zone on the South Bank, within 15 miles of Brigg, will create local employment opportunities and the consequent need to improve public and commercial transport facilities.
With a bit of creative innovation, the line could be adapted to serve the proposed biomass power station in S.Brook...and as a coordinated transport system with Humberside Airport.