Wednesday, September 17, 2008


With free car parking space being at a premium in Brigg town centre, it's interesting to see council staff activating the barrier as they drive into work to take advantage of the nice facility provided for them behind Hewson House, off Station Road.
Brigg town councillors have received complaints about the worsening car parking situation in the town centre since North Lincs decided to remove the free concession on the Old Courts Road and Angel car parks.
Some people without garages who used to be able to park on the streets infront of their own homes are now finding that people working in Brigg shops and offices are parking vehicles there first thing in the morning and not picking them up until the end of the working day.
All quite legal, as long as they are properly parked and not causing an obstruction of crossing yellow lines. But possibly annoying if it's the stretch of road outside your home. And it must make some folk a little envious of the provision North Lincolnshire Council makes for its own staff's parking requirements.

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