Sunday, September 21, 2008


Came up Glebe Road yesterday teatime to visit Den's chippie, in Glebe Road, to find more unexpected roadworks and those chicanes/traffic islands North Lincolnshire Council introduced a few years ago but has never removed since Glebe Road school closed and a lot of cars no longer pay twice-daily visits.
Due, in part, to the chicanes reducing the on-street car parking space available to residents of the terraces houses which do not have garages, it's a very congested street and two vehicles often cannot pass side by side. Certainly not early evening yesterday.
The council is adamant the chicanes stay because, otherwise, this will become a rat run, with motorists taking a short cut from Newlands to Wrawby Road to avoid being held up on Barnard Avenue by the sets of traffic lights and the queues of traffic.
They make a fair point, but imagine the situation if Wrawby Road (between the cemetery and the Monument) ever had to be closed to traffic for a time, and the Glebe Road route became the only cross-town one available.
Not likely to happen? Well, consider if/when the very worthy scheme to repair The Monument war memorial gets under way, and 'health and safety' get doing their risk assessments. There could be scaffolding and workmen operating just feet away from a road carrying thousands of cars a day.
Perhaps Wrawby Road will then have to be closed for a while, leaving which alternative route? You've guessed it!
If this ever proves to be the case, I'll leave the car at home and walk for the Saturday tea-time chips. It will be a lot quicker!

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