Sunday, March 24, 2019


A welcome move in local government localisation will see an important North Lincolnshire Council committee meeting in Brigg rather than Scunthorpe.
The Planning Committee, which generally holds its monthly sessions at Scunthorpe Civic Centre, is to convene in Brigg town centre's Angel on Wednesday, April 3.
This session - starting at 2pm - is open to interested members of the public, as well as members of the press.
The agenda has yet to be drawn up, but there's a fair chance that applications from Brigg & district will be among those listed for decisions.
Councillor Nigel Sherwood, from Wrawby, chairs this committee and is also a member of Brigg Town Council.

Brigg Town Council has a Planning & Environment Committee, which meets in the Angel. It can make comments about local applications but final decisions are made at North Lincolnshire level. In most cases this is delegated to officers, but some go before the committee to be approved or rejected.
From 1974 until its removal by local government reorganisation in 1996, Glanford Borough Council was the planning authority and held its meetings on Thursdays in the old council chamber at what is now known as Hewson House, off Station Road, Brigg.
If Brigg Blog had a fiver for every one of those we attended, notebook in hand... 

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Ken Harrison said...

A fiver! In my day, Nige, it was a penny.
Methinks you're wishful thinking is being too greedy.
Anyway, if it should materialise, don't forget who your best friends are!!