Friday, July 25, 2014


Start your walk here on Churchill Avenue, Brigg
Fine summer weather will prompt many Brigg people to get out into the countryside.
There’s a very nice walk on our own doorstep – from Churchill Avenue, over the fields to Wrawby.
Follow the public footpath that brings you out at Tongs Farm, halfway up Wrawby Hill, alongside the A18.
On the way you can glimpse the brick building over the spring that once provided Brigg’s fresh water supply.
In, and near, the mature hawthorn hedges that flank the footpath for some distance you might catch a glimpse of some interesting birdlife and butterflies.
There’s an alternative midway into this walk from Brigg. You can follow the yellow acorn directional sign across a field and come out on Kettleby Lane, Wrawby.
That puts you right on the border with West Lindsey, Lincolnshire. But the powers-that-be have yet to set up a passport control!
When you get to Wrawby, depending on the time of day, there’s an opportunity to visit the Jolly Miller pub or the Black Horse.

You can enjoy a pint inside, or out, and perhaps fortify yourself with a bite to eat before setting off back to Brigg.
The fittest Brigg Blog followers might even walk as far as Wrawby Mill for one of its summer open days.

The alternative public footpath to Wrawby, taking you to Kettleby Lane.

Historic links to Brigg's Victorian water supply.

Historic links to Brigg's Victorian water supply.

Tongs Farm, Wrawby

Here we are in Wrawby. That's the A18 in the distance


Ken Harrison said...

The so-called spring, Nige, it a bit more than a spring - St Helen's is a well, decorated with Victorian tile work......

Unknown said...

following in my footsteps eh nige having a pub at end of wrlk being a good incentive. recommend going to kettleby turn right 1st left pass crossing follow road you pass kettleby manor which still has a moat tun right 1st left follow old trck cross road at end follow permissive path to kettleby beck turn right follow a choice of 3 paths to brigg

Unknown said...

you see a range of wslksd aroun brigg on the ld local brigg peopleo site[no news of it being reset up yet]