Sunday, October 27, 2013


Notification of proposed work to fell a holly tree and prune a laburnum tree in Albert Street - within Brigg Conservation Area - will be considered by town councillors tomorrow (Monday, October 28).
Brigg Town Council's Planning and Environment Committee will consider this application with a final decision on the application being made later by planners at the North Lincolnshire unitary authority.
Tomorrow's meeting is open to interested members of the public and starts at 6.45pm in the Angel Suite. Access to the building will be through the rear access, off the car park.

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Ken Harrison said... the expected gales, perhaps an application to fell the trees will not be necessary...!!!
Batten down the hatches - close the shed/garage doors before they fly off their hinges........and it maybe a useful idea to put the bins in a more sheltered spot before they get toppled by the wind and their rubbish is strewn down the street....

Expected News for the Local Area from Tomorrow:
HGV's blown over.
Trees blown down,
Roofs torn off,
......and being the first day back after half-term, some problems with school buses......and teachers, I've heard said, say that younger kids behave differently when their is a strong wind.....