Thursday, April 25, 2013


Brigg Town Council has been consulted about plans for a huge new Lakes housing development near Scunthorpe that could see six new "villages" established. However, as the site is on the west of the steel town, rather than the east, Brigg councillors decided there was no need to make a formal comment.
Coun Penny Smith said: "I don't think it is going to impact on the people of Brigg - it's on the other side of Scunthorpe."

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Ken Harrison said...

Possible impacts on Brigg -

1. Centres of retail and industry are skewed towards the new developments to the detriment of Brigg

2. Development and enterprise funding is slanted towards the Lake Development to the detriment of the rest of North Lincs.

3. Possible local population migration to the Lakeside Development - particularly the young seeking affordable housing - thus possibly depleting and affecting the demographic structure of existing townships in North Lincs.

4. Lakeside development becomes the main focus of NLC's attention.

5.a. The need to build additional schools and other support services - possibly impacting on NLC's council tax rates.
b. The potential impact of significant population increase caused by Lakeside Development on existing services, such as Scunthorpe General Hospital, ambulance, police and fire services - Could affect everyone.

Consequently, Brigg TC should be seeking reassurances that complimentary plans are established to protect Brigg and district settlements.....and that the area does not become the forgotten quarter of North Lincs.