Saturday, September 11, 2010


Brigg Town Council is to express reservations about the proposed varying of a planning condition for commercial use at 115 Grammar School Road (that's beyond the flyover which crosses the M180). However, the final say on whether to grant permission rests with North Lincolnshire Council.
The application has been lodged to vary a planning condition imposed by the old Glanford Borough Council in 1985 which decrees the building "shall be used solely as a pump repair workshop and shall not be used for any other purpose...without prior written permission."
When they considered the application at an earlier meeting, town councillors on the Planning and Environment Committee called for further information about what could be permitted on the site if the removal of this planning condition was permitted.
The answer given to this week's committee meeting was it could permit what, in planning jargon is described as B2 use - heavy industry.
Coun Penny Smith said: "We don't want any more HGVs going down Grammar School Road. It's a poor road down there. It's not an industrial area, it's a residential and farming area. HGVs and buses at school-leaving time? It doesn't bear thinking about."

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Ken Harrison said...

My understanding, Scribs is B2 is the category for 'General Industry' - not necessarily 'Heavy Industry'.
B1 is for offices, research and warehousing, for example, and other types of industry are divided into separate categories.
B7, for instance, includes - boiling blood, breeding maggots, cleaning tripe and grinding bones.
Hypothetically, B7 would be the category required for one of Brigg's historic industries, as it includes dealing in rabbit skins.