Thursday, September 23, 2010


We've just asked North Lincolnshire Council to throw some light on the road closure introduced in the Woodbine Avenue/Central Square/Glebe Road area of Brigg, which has resulted in "access only" signs going up.
It seems local residents haven't seen the usual road closure publicity, by way of a public notice, so it sounds like emergency work. If it's caused by a utility company, the council must have been informed, as the highway authority, so we will get to know one way or the other.
Meanwhile, avoid this area of town. The alternative route within the estate is round the unaffected section of Central Square, Hawthorn Avenue and up Grammar School Road.
If you can, stay on the A18 - if coming from the direction of Wrawby - and avoid the estate altogether.
Anyone remember the hit Bernard Cribbins 'novelty' song of the early 1960s? "There I was/Digging this hole/Hole in the Ground/Big and Sort of Round it was."
I'll be humming that for the remainder of the day. Fortunately, you don't see many council officials in bowler hats these days!

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